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    Business Communication : BEFORE and NOW

    • Highly depending on manpower to convey info
    • A lot of actual visits to factories & shops are required
    • A lot of promotions, roadshows, exhibitions are required
    • Depending on phone, fax and letters in communication
    • Google search for buyer or supplier
    • Request & receive information via Email
    • Online channels showcase and timely update of products and services
    • Communication by email, Skype, WeChat, Whatsapp and other online or mobile applications
    • Higher cost spent in getting manpower, higher transportation cost, higher promotion cost
    • Passive, more complicated, the communication of info is SLOW
    • Lower cost of manpower and transportation. Able to promote products and services more frequently
    • Active, initiative, easy & convenient, the communication of info is FAST
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    • Utilize the advantage of online elements to explore B2B business opportunities.
    • Reach 50,000 commercial & industrial customers with just one click of e-newsletter blasting.
    • Enable potential customers to receive first-hand product & service information and contact you directly.
    • To ensure a complete coverage, 15,000 copies of business magazines will be posted/distributed to JB commercial & industrial areas.
    • We make sure those who are not tech-savvy will get a FREE copy of magazine and read about your company
    • In this competitive age, it is important to show your corporate identity to differentiate yourself with the competitors.
    • We offer complimentary FOC business interview and reporting to emphasis on your company strength & product/service competitiveness.
    • Let people learn more about you and thus you will get remembered.

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