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    Corporate Identity

    To stand out in the crowd, it requires you to be a little more creative and innovative. Multimedia making is one of our forte. We impress people with our ingenious multimedia catalogue, power point presentation and video clips. These productions are made with the blend of technology, marketing strategies, creativity and arts, molded the clients’ preferences. Putting technology to use, you can be ahead of your competitors in the way you present your company.

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    Multimedia Catalogue

    Talk about being environmentally friendly. In this era, multimedia catalogue has taken over the role of traditional printed catalogue. Catalogues publishing your products and services are presented in a CD/DVD medium. Custom-made websites that are tailored to suit our client’s business needs. By integrating appropriate features in your website, the audience can have a better experience browsing your site and have a better and improved impression of your business.

    What’s good about multimedia content?

    It does not require you to publish in large quantity as you can produce as required. It takes only the size of a CD to present everything you have to publish. No more thick and heavy paper catalogues! It allows you to make changes or update with ease from time to time. Most importantly it is eco-friendly!


    Interactive video presentation

    Interactive video presentation allows you to publish your company’s information and promote your products and services in a more tech-savvy way. This is interesting and attractive because animations, effect and sound can be added to improve its impact on its audience. Imagine yourself playing your company’s video presentation in an exhibition. There’s no doubt you’ll find the video to attract a lot more attention from the audience. Moreover, it helps you to gain confidence and brand recognition from the viewers.

    Power point presentation

    Findbulous creates professional, lively, and outstanding power point presentations which are made to order. With our expertise, we are able to assist you in the making of your presentation for the introduction of your company, promotion of your products and service and the list goes on. With a wonderful presentation, you are sure to impress your viewer and convince them of whatever you’ve got!